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lcocco (Council) 10/1/2011 12:07 AM EST : lcocco (Komandar) here

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Hi All,

I'm currently a level 22 Draenei Protection Paladin named Komandar on the SoE server.  I also have a level 48 Blood Elf Druid on Ravenholdt, which is where I started, but wanted to participate in CD so here I am.  I'm trying to level up as fast as I can, but work, etc, take its toll on available time.

I started playing WoW this summer after hearing John Seely Brown’s assertion during a Webinar where he was talking about his book
“A New Culture of Learning", that WoW was the best learning platform on the planet today. 


I’ve been at the NJ Department of Education for 7 years now as the Director of Educational Technology and have long tried to get the administration interested in incorporating gaming strategies into learning initiatives, but I always get the rolling eyeballs. Even so, I’ve always believed in the educational potential of gaming.  I’ve seen how gaming motivates students, though knowledge transference out of the gaming environment seemed to be an afterthought in most “educational games”.  Then I read neurologist Judy Ellis’ article ( about the value of gaming in education and how the human brain is hard-wired to reward new skill level attainment; started reading Brown’s book, attended the Games for Change conference at NYU in June and listened to speakers like Al Gore (who said games are the new normal), Jim Shelton from USDOE, Gabe Newell from Valve Corp, Jesse Schell and many others. Taking all this in, I began to believe that perhaps a tipping point has been reached with the combined support of scientific research, government policy makers and industry, and that gaming will finally become a seriously considered aspect of educational strategies. 

So, I'll keep leveling up as I can, and look forward to CD activities.  Any help on how to get involved is welcome.

BTW, there is a great discussion community on educational gaming at, if anyone is interested in joining.

Larry Cocco

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