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World of Warcraft
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Welcome to the Cognitive Dissonance Website
Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon which refers to the discomfort felt at a discrepancy between what you already know or believe, and new information or interpretation. The Cognitive Dissonance Educator Guild (currently playing World of Warcraft: Sisters of Elune, Alliance & Guild Wars 2) was chartered in December of 2007 as a group of educators exploring the concept of MMORPGs and their relationship to education. It has grown to a guild of colleagues and friends exploring the platform and experiencing the implications and applications to teaching and learning while having fun! The Cognitive Dissonance website is meant to be a communication and support tool for guild members.

Recruitment Information:
We are open to players of all levels, races, and classes. The guild is made up of adults who are committed to education and the desire to accelerate the changes needed to make it relevant. Please use the officer contacts available on the lower right of the main page if you are interested in joining us!
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Cog Dis! TIme to Regroup, Refresh, Renew, and Raise a Ruckus!

Maratsade, Jan 12, 13 11:04 PM.
Over the next few weeks, I will be convening with a small task force of veteran guild-mates in order to assemble a list of priorities for revamping Cog Dis.  The task force will be re-examining our guild structure and shaping the vision for our future direction!  We will then be presenting our ideas to the  guild at large in order to receive feedback and gain consensus.  All major decision will be put to a vote and every active account holder will be entitled to participate.  We are very excited to strengthen our commitment to Cog Dis, and provide opportunities for all guild mates to take an active role in their guild.  In addition to establishing a new leadership structure, we will be establishing a Creed which will outline our vision, mission and membership expectations.  We will also establish definitive resources for communication, education, research  and ongoing recruitment.

Please be sure to pay attention to the in-game calendar for news of meetings in Azeroth, in Google Hangout and in Ventrilo!  This is the time for you to organize your ideas and share them with us.  Perhaps you have experience that would be of value, or maybe you have an idea that could be included in the new design.  Speak up!   We not only want our membership to serve their guild, but we want the guild to serve its membership! 
As stakeholders in education, we need to shine the light into the dark recesses of fear based propaganda and ignorance.  In order to do so, Cognitive Dissonance MUST continue to thrive and stand as the quintessential professional games based learning network!  We must take up the banner and be the voice of reason and informed evangelism in order to counter the hype and negative stereotypes. 

Regardless of your present level of participation, or of how much time you are able to commit, we want to encourage you to be proud of your member standing--- we want you to put Cognitive Dissonance on your resume'--we want to be a badge of honor for each and every one of you. 
May Elune Light Our Way,

  Guild Master

(AKA ~Peggy Sheehy~ )

Deathwing Down!

Tashidelek, Aug 4, 12 9:49 PM.
On Sunday July 27th Deathwing was brought down!

Progressive Raid Team



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